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Why travel to New York
or Los Angeles

Sacramento is the Capitol City of the greatest State, in the greatest Country in all the world. Under the current leadership, millions of dollars are being spent renovating our fine community into the premier metropolitan destination of Northern California.


Give The Gift of a Dream Come True

Every child has a God-given talent, gift and ability woven into the very fabric of their essence. At Name Brand Entertainment we specialize at nurturing such gifts and cultivating lifelong passions that lead to lifelong opportunities and fulfillment

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As an accomplished recoding artist and producer Tony Savo has worked diligently to establish an A-list group of contacts and relationships within the entertainment industry. Publishing deals with EMI Records (UK) and Score Music Group allow him shop local talent to the largest companies and markets in the world.

  • Tony Savo
    Executive Producer at Name Brand Entertainment

    Established performer, promoter and purveyor of fine talent.

  • Alexander Bolyshkanov
    Owner and Principal at Storming Ideas

    Plans, develops and produces full scale media productions and programs by translating client objectives into production ideas and results.

  • Anatoly Rafailov
    Veteran TV/Radio Host and Producer

    Founder of Rafa Studios. Prepares, outlines, storyboards and scripts by arranging and scheduling talent, scene shots, locations, props and sets as required.

  • Jesse Delgado
    Owner and Principal at SL Media group

    Performs all aspects of digital production in the areas of live event, music video and linear/nonlinear documentary content.

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Whether your child is the next Youtube sensation or a beginner living the dream, Name Brand Entertainment can customize a specific package tailor made for you. Birthday parties can be booked with up to 6 close friends/relatives to share in the joy/experience of recording a demo song, shooting a music video, or filming a professional broadcast TV interview.

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Holiday gift certificates are also available

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